Amy and Bob live in a cozy little studio and don’t currently have room for any of the adorable wedding knick knacks couples typically receive. We do however like to experience the world around us. Consider gifting one of our adventures.


Day-Sail and Turtle Snorkeling

Help us set sail and experience sea turtles in the natural habitat. Private Day-Sail $680 In the check please mark “Day-Sail” in the note field.

See The Day-sail

Sea Turtle Encounter

We have a thing for turtles. Help us experience in person in a protected enviroment for only $60 a person. In the check please mark “Sea Turtle Encounter” in the note field.

See the Sea Turtle Experience

Deep Sea Fishing

Neither of us has actually been deep sea fishing. But with this boat we can keep 20lbs of the fish caught. We are happy to overnight the fish back to the backer of this excursion. 3/4 Day 6 Hours, 35′ Boat, $825.00. In the check please mark “Deep Sea Fishing” in the note field.

Check out the boat and guides

Shiver me Timbers

It would be sweet to walk around BlackBeards famous castle. The Property is known as “The Williamsburg of the Caribbean.” Cost of taxi and tour/lunch should be around $100

Walk the plank, matey…

The Americans are coming

This American couple would like to invade the British Virgin Islands from Red Hook U.S.V.I. to West End B.V.I. A round trip ferry ticket is only $55 per person.

See the Ferry Schedules

Other Items

Best Buy

Let’s face it, I have converted Amy into a little gadget freak. The only bad part about that is things just happen to break around her. 🙂 Absolutely any amount would be greatly appreciated.

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We have a problem…Thank you for supporting our habit.

HomeGoods Gift Cards Here

Down Payment Donation Fund

Amy and I can’t wait to start our life together. Someday in the not too distant future we envision making the transition from renter to home owner. Send a little love our way for the journey. In the check note field mark “Down Payment Fund”.

Still Looking for the House

A Bright Idea

We love our Phillips HUE lighting system, and would like to expand it into the kitchen and bathroom. We are in need of just 5 more light bulbs. Currently on sale at for $44.93

Phillips HUE A19 Bulb from Amazon

Portfolios for professionals

Bob does a lot of work on several projects at once and this little double binder would make him a productive worker.

Visit the Colonel

Swirl Top

Thank you

To all the friends and family out there. We can’t wait to get back and enjoy our reception in the Spring in Norwalk, CT.

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