Wedding Details

On Sapphire Beach in St. Thomas on Christmas Eve…It doesn’t get any better than that.

Rehearsal Dinner

Pre-Wedding Dinner & Fun

December 23rd 2017
11:00am – 4:00pm

Coral World Ocean Park, 6450 Coki Point, St. Thomas, USVI 00802
We will be enjoying a Sea Lion Swim Encounter at the Coral World Ocean Park. This will be a great way for everyone to get to enjoy some casual fun. BTW…The only theme of this wedding is casual.

Main Ceremony

The Main Event

December 24th 2017

Sapphire Beach, St Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands
GPS coordinates to follow, catch us if you can…We will know the exact location closer to the actual date. All the beaches are public in St. Thomas so we will go with the best view at sunset.

The Party

Spring Reception in CT

Spring 2018
Time TBD

The Sunset Grille, 52 Calf Pasture Beach Rd, Norwalk, CT 06855
This is a great little restaurant right on Norwalk Harbor with a view of sailboats and the ocean. More details to come following the main event.



We prefer the intimate setting of a family wedding. We will return to the mainland for a reception open to all of our friends and family in the Spring of 2018.
Casual – The Main Event takes place on a beach… (Also let it be known that Bob must wear pants.)
Sadly the Islands don’t allow non-indegineous creatures. Since cats are considered illegal aliens in St. Thomas all cats must remain stateside.


The diamond that graces Amy’s finger was from my Grandmother’s (Viola) engagement ring. Her and my Grandfather (Nathan) were married on Christmas Eve as well and this is a continuation of that tradition.
Whatever our parents can catch in the ocean with their bare hands? We like sandwiches as a back up…
Yes, there will be many photos and shortly after the wedding they will be made available. Check this site’s blog daily during Dec 18 – Dec 27 for live updates from the islands.
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